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JavaScript full stack developer with a passion for technology and the web. Born in '94 and currently based in Lugano

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My personal works of love

Here below you'll able to find some of my best works. These include school projects as well as some of my first field experiences.

Some of these projects are freely hosted thanks to Heroku.com, please wait a few seconds for the website to load.

Dr. TorricelliMedical Studio Website (Q2 2017)

A website for a medical studio based in Lugano offering dermatological treatments.
Simple yet effective and modern: a WordPress website that provided the client with a stronger web presence and tools to analyze web traffic.

Developed in partnership with Marcello Romanelli.

No.4 CommandoVideogame Group (Q3 2017)

An original app personally developed and designed from scratch to attract new users to this group of videogamers.
The goal is to highlight the unique features of this unit.

This website is no longer maintained.

FJR2Videogame Group (Q3 2018)

A WordPress website developed for an american unit of military simulation group. A new fresh design for their website attracts new users to their activities and the CMS allows them to edit their website independently.


DevAsq++School Project (Q4 2018)

This project was developed as a 4-weeks assignment, its goal was to provide a professor with the ability to share his code to a classroom of students and to be able to have a live view of the students' work.

This project was possible thanks to the collaboration with Cristian Buratti, Diego Carlino, Alessandra Vicini and Sara Mangialavori.

PathfindersVideogame Group (Q1 2019)

The website is born from the need of this unit to have a confident web presence, increasing their recruitment rate. The website features a custom CMS to allow moderators to add and edit the website's contents.

This website is highly optimized, achieving the top score of Google's PageSpeed Insights for the desktop version.

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